Monday, April 21, 2008

On March 31st, my Grandfather who is 96yrs old, fell and broke his hip. Of all the many things there are to trip over in a home with small children and a couple pets, he simply lost his balance and fell. He had a partial hip replacement the following Friday and was recovering well. Last Tuesday, the 15th, he was very confused and disoriented in the Transitional Care Unit, and dropped something and without thinking, leaned down to get it. He fell out of the chair, this time breaking his leg very close to where the prosthesis had been placed. This required an even longer surgery which he underwent on Thursday the 17th. He is awaiting transfer from the ICU unit now and we'll have to see how he progresses. The whole thing has made me incredibly sad. I knew I had grown very close to him over the last 8 years that we've lived with him, but in a way, it took me by surprise. When he came out of the surgery and saw me, he whispered, "Oh, hi Sweety." with a very gravelly voice(probably from the breathing tube). I felt at once so loved and at the same time so sad that he had to go through so much. My world has seemed to stop turning in a way and everyone around me has kept going. It is very strange. But my deepest thanks to my friends and family who have been pitching in to watch my kids on very little notice. Juggling the hospital visits and Denver and Willa, has been hard to do without feeling like I'm doing something poorly. Grandpa is a great man of faith, possibly the most sincere and kind hearted person I know and this has been heartbreaking for me. I will try to keep this updated but my time in front of a computer is limited.