Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bicycle Fun

One of the things we enjoyed tons this summer was bike riding. After a lot of training, Possum can now go with us and I'm sure we look like the traveling circus as we all ride down the road. This year we got Denver a Bike Buddy. She was not old enough to ride her own bike for longer bike rides but this allowed her to still get the same feeling. This has been one of the best purchases we've made this summer!

Preschool Graduation

Well, since Denver is off to Kindergarten next week (YIKES), I thought it was about time to post her Preschool Graduation pics from the Spring.

Possum Photos

As promised here are some pics from Possum back from when we got him.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's not what you think! I'm not expecting twins, however, Wayne found out after one very painful morning that he had 2 kidney stones rumbling around his kidneys. He awoke in a lot of pain early on Tuesday and I took him to the emergency room at 5:30 after my parents came over in a sleepy haze to be here for the girls when they woke up. As it turns out, before dawn is the very best time to have an emergency. He was seen very quickly and had some nice drugs pumping through him before too long. A CT scan revealed two little stones in his kidney and he was released with orders to drink an obscene amount of liquids and some pills for the pain. Tuesday was not a good day for him but he slept well that night and seems to be perfectly fine now. No sign of the little troublemakers yet. They say this is as close as a man will get to childbirth. Well, I don't think he needed to do this to feel solidarity with me but he gets a gold star for effort.

Friday, August 1, 2008

And then there were 3!

That's right, I am pregnant. We found out while on vacation in Maine and couldn't be happier. I am 8 weeks along now, I think. Feeling nauscious a lot but not to an extreme level. I could use a nap every day, although so far that hasn't happened. The girls are so excited and couldn't wait to spill the beans once we told them. Willa I don't think gets it, but Denver couldn't stop giggling when we told her. The next morning I caught her sitting, smiling in thought, and asked her what she was thinking about. She said, " Mommy, I just can't stop thinking about our new baby." So now we only have 7 months to get ready, it doesn't sound like so long now that I think about it.