Friday, May 27, 2011


 Apologies to those of you who check often only to find my recent lack of activity.  No great explanations to give.  I think the wet soppy weather has drowned my blogging initiative.  We are, of course, busy, but we are generally always busy.  Wayne has been working 65 hours a week since January and I suppose the hours are getting to us, let alone him.  Good news came this week when he found out he could drop to 50.  Still a lot, but after 65 for so long, quite an improvement.  And not a week too soon.  We will all be happy to have him home more especially if he's awake for those hours;)

But to update the world(all 6 of you), here are only a few of the things that have occupied our time...

 Both girls had art pieces in the school's art show up at the local Mall.
Wayne and I have been busy trying to plan our first block party.  This has proved really great in that we get to meet a lot of neighbors we hadn't known, but also hard in the fact that I'm much more of a big picture planner and the details sometimes overwhelm me.  

Mother's Day brought 0 pictures, but Wayne spent 5 hours the day before running the electric for  my new water feature:)  It was either this urn fountain or a Koi pond.  For once I thought I would start small.

Of course after all this rain one would think we needn't any more water but once Adalyn learned how to turn on the hose, it was puddle city.  This requires many baths, many outfits and many tantrums about when a hose can and can't be turned on.

This weekend is the girl's  dance recital and this is truly big news as they have been practicing harder than I have ever seen them!  A whole post, complete with innumerable pictures will soon follow, but here is a little taste...