Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the Meantime...

Winter is almost over, Thank God!  Although as I write this we have heavy snowfall and are expecting 2-4 inches.  I don't care how much snow you throw, Mother Nature, I refuse to shovel one more ounce!  Not. One. More.

  So while fighting our cabin fever here in Upstate New York,  we have...

Turned 24 yards of Tulle into 3 tutus...

Cleaned out the pots and pans for Mom(without being asked) but...
forgot to leave a path to get out.
Snuggled often and long with our dollies and sisters.
And have kept our eyes out for signs of Spring.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#3 turns #2

 Adalyn turns 2 today.  Many people say they can't believe how fast it all went but really, with all the not-sleeping she brought to our house, I felt every day of that 2 years.  Now that we are in the happy world of normal, healthy sleeping habits, I can look back on the past two years with a more jovial heart than I might have had going through it.  I am thankful every day that she is healthy, happy, and part of our family.

Here is a brief photographic journey of this year...

 At her 1st Birthday Party(note flat hair, not so sure of the whole party thing)

 This is about a month after her first birthday and when we first started noticing the change in her hair.

 This delightful shot reminded everyone in my family of me.  As a tot I would crawl around at picnics swallowing up the remains of unattended adult beverages.
 On vacation in Virginia Beach(one of the few shots with me actually in the picture)
 Silly with her sisters.

The princess had home made pizza for her dinner, and decorated her own brownie for dessert.  Course, she only ate the decorations, but no one seemed to notice.  Happy Birthday Adalyn.

Friday, March 4, 2011


 We Stumbled Upon this website full of fun princessy hairstyles.  The author does a nice job with the instructions so I felt empowered to try something new with their hair.
 So for a local High School production of Cinderella we had two princesses, complete with princess hair(Denver in the Cinderella do and Willa in a Belle style), glitterfied with spray hair glitter of course, and two Grandparents as escorts.  Along with their dolls too, who yes, did get to sit through the performance.  The girls had a great time, even getting to participate in a 'parade' across the stage at the end of intermission, followed by a sleepover at Gran and Pop's house.

My ASIL came over and watched Ady while Wayne and I snuck out to a dinner that had no interruptions.