Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On to the Next Sickness

I am sitting here waiting to hear back from the Dr.

Monday morning in the wee hours of the morning Ady woke and as soon as I entered the bedroom I could hear that her breathing was raspy and not right. I thought, "That sounds like croup." It's a little funny b/c when Willa was an infant I ended up in the ER the Saturday after Thanksgiving with a bad case of croup with her too. So to the Dr. we went on Monday where they told me that 'Yes, that's croup and here's some steroids." I was happy that she got them b/c as they get older they don't give anything to them. This I know since Willa has had it several times. After Willa had the steroids, she got better fast. But Ady still seems a bit raspy to me and of course, tomorrow is Thanksgiving so no one will be open and so to save the effort of another ER visit in the wee hours, I will go again to the Dr. And while I'm there I might as well have them look at Denver's eye, which was puffy and red and wouldn't that be great to have a terrific case of pink eye to share at the Thanksgiving table. So there go my best laid plans.

On the lighter side, we had our monthly Dinner Night. This was a B.Y.O.N.G.(Bring Your Own Nerf Gun) event and the kids had SOO much fun. There were tables turned on the side and many, many nerf gun darts. I wish I had more/better photos to go along with the raucaous memories. I have some video which is filled with a very giggly Denver peeking her head right in front the lens repeatedly.

And here's my Willa-Bear taking a little snuggle break in our laundry basket. Not really sure why, but, well, that's my girl.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On With Life

So (sniff, sniff) we lost on Saturday. It wasn't a good game for us which is always disappointing to end on. The other team was good but not commandingly so. It would have been a fair fight if we had decided to...fight that is.
So on with life. Which at the dinner table tonight, while Willa was whining about eating the rest of her broccoli, while Ady was screeching like an owl, while Denver was mimicking Ady screeching like an owl, I turned to Wayne and said, 'I miss volleyball.' To which he said with a cat-like grin, 'I don't.' And so life is painfully normal again. I guess that's part of why I still coach. It's heck on family time and schedules and you can forget adding any other commitments during the Fall to our schedules but without it, without the magnificent highs and incredibly frustrating lows, I'm afraid life would always just be painfully normal. With nothing to set it apart. With nothing to remind me that I am more than their 'Mommy' and more than his 'Dearest.'
I have no poignant pictures to go along with this somewhat reflective post but I will add my most recent ones of my beauties. Because for 9 months out of the year 'Painfully Normal' is just perfect.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Section V Champs!

Last Saturday Nazareth played for the Section V Title in Class C. We won for the third straight year in a row! This is a big deal since there are only 8 teams in Class C in the State still playing. It puts us into the first round of the State Tournament. We play again on Saturday vs. Section VI(City Honors out of Buffalo). I love our kids and really hope we can keep playing for another 2 weeks. The Section picks its' all tournament teams from the Semi and Finals match. And happily we had 3 representatives from our team, including the Tournament MVP, Julia Crilly.

The game went very quickly and weirdly for me since I was still recovering from the sickness which shall not be named. I had missed the last two practices before the game, something I have never done. But our house is on the mend now. Denver and I are trying to get rid of the cough but we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Land of the Germs, Home of the Sick

Ugh. Almost all of us are sick. Remarkably Ady is holding steady and healthy and Wayne too. Although I think Wayne felt left out so when he was hanging our very big ladder in the garage, he fell and is now hobbling around a bit. Nothing serious, but I'm sure tomorrow will be worse. Denver has not had a fever at all today. But Willa's came and went. I did not take them in to the Dr. although the nurse did try to convince me it was the flu. And maybe it was/is. I had tons of body aches for 3 days but no fever. The girls had fairly high fevers but never really complained of body aches. Mine is finishing with a good sized head cold. I am limited with what drugs I can take since I'm still nursing. I am trying to keep my neurosis under control but news reports make it sound like we're all gonna die!

We have finals tomorrow night(5pm @Victor HS). I'm hoping to turn a corner tomorrow and wake up feeling a bit better. So to brighten my day, I'll post a few pics from events I haven't gotten around to mentioning.

Willa had a field trip to Stokoe Farms. It was an insane event with 1100 children at one farm. FYI-even at a big farm, 1100 children is too many. Regardless, the kids all seemed to have fun and the grounds were pretty neat. I like her preschool but it does have a different feel than the one last year. Maybe it's the difference between public/private.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Denver!!

My first baby turns 7 today!!

Unfortunately, she's sick. Today she is feeling a little better than yesterday but is steadily camped out on our bed.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloweeny Fun

We have LOTS of dress-up clothes, especially since a couple months back, Aunt Tia donated her old costumes to the bunch we already had. So Halloween really offered so many choices for the girls. Denver really stuck with her initial desire to be a mouse. But Willa wanted to be something different every time we talked about it. Their school had a mini-parade, so for that she was "Fairy-rina." A combination of a ballerina and a fairy.

Side Note: Dear Manufacturers: I do not want a costume that will make my sweet innocent darling daughters look anything close to sexy, hooker-like, or show way more skin than would be apporpriate at the beach. I want my kids to look like KIDS! OK, I'm ready to move on now.

For trick-or-treating we convinced Willa to be a crayon, our personal favorite. We waited a little too long to get the face paint(turns out 4pm on Halloween is a tought ime to find face paint in any store) so I just used water and eye-shadow and I think it worked for our purposes well enough. Ady was a Ladybug. She was going to be a pea in a pea pod, but my little Fatty was about to bust the seams apart, so we had to use the 12 month outfit instead.

Denver and Willa were good for about 3 streets this year, up 1/2 a street from last year. Even so, their pumpkins were full and both complained their feet were tired and their pumpkins were much too heavy to carry themselves by the time we finished. We met up with some friends for the big event and Denver's little friend, Annika even had a light up dress. I was quite impressed and wonder if it comes in my size:)

So now we must endure the repetative question of, "Mommy, can I have just one more piece of candy??...PLEASEEE!!!!" I have 3 schools of thought. 1. I can dole out small bits here and there, after meals and such and extend the candy supply till Christmas. The downside is I have to listen to the candy question from now until Christmas. or 2. I can let them eat it in unhealthy amounts so that it goes away faster! or 3. I can do #1 and then at night, Mommy and Daddy can help work on the supply for them. Besides, that much candy is really not good for them!