Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyone's Asleep

I cannot believe it but right now, Willa and Adalyn are napping. Willa fell asleep during Rudy when I was trying to guess when the naughty words were coming and press the mute button at the appropriate moment. I wasn't entirely successful so there was a bit of, "Don't say that word." So it was better that she fell asleep. I just can't resist that movie. So here I find myself with a moment since Denver is still at school. And look, I'm spending it with you!... And now the moment is over. So I will post a few pics and that will be all I have time for.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life With Three

If there was anything that could comment on what life with 3 is like, it would be this blog. I've been meaning to update it for almost a week now. As I type one handed(the other one is holding the newest member of the family, who does not like to sleep alone), I'm pretty sure someone needs a new diaper and why not? This one is a whole 30 minutes old! I think I have shaken my two-day headache with the help of some Ibuprofen. Really, I think it was caused by a lack of sleep but since that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon, I headed for some pharmaceutical intervention. Regardless, Wayne and I are in love with someone other than each other for the 3rd time. Each time it has been love at first sight, something that I doubted existed before kids. Adalyn is perfect. With the possible exception of her loud grunty, farty noises. Willa made them too and they were just as hard to sleep through then as they are now. It's not gas, or hunger, or poop that makes her make them, it's just her! Mostly I think we all feel kinda like this...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So back a few posts ago I listed the names we had decided against. Adalyn was actually on the list of no-gos because Wayne had originally said he didn't like it. Not wanting to force Wayne into a name he didn't like, I figured that was that and it was out. He preferred Adelle, which I liked but just not as much. We wanted to do something along those lines because my Mothers' middle name is Adeline and Waynes' Mothers' middle name is May. And the sentimentality of naming her after both of those ladies won out over other names. It came as a surprise to both of us I think last Friday when he mentioned that Adalyn had grown on him and now he liked it. We kinda just sat there and he said, "Wait, did we just settle on a name?" And that was that. Now, after only a few days, it doesn't seem like she could have been named anything else.

Adalyn May and Rylie Jean

A few posts ago I mentioned that one of my best friends was also pregnant and we were actually due only a day apart. As it happens, both our girls decided to come on March 16th! Rylie Jean Bader was born 7 lbs. 7 ozs. 22 inches at 6:40 pm. Congratulations Kerrianne, Dan, Camryn, and Cody!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Details

So for those of you who enjoy hearing how it went down, here goes.

Monday, after a nice visit to a park with Willa and Possum(trying to induce labor with nice long walks), I had a message from one of my midwives to page her and when she called back she said that it was pretty slow at the hospital and she was on call and couldn't believe I hadn't had the baby yet. Since my due date was only a couple days away, we would have been talking about having to induce anyhow so if I wanted, I could come in and she could break my water for me. She had also delivered Willa and was at the hospital for one of our false labor visits. So, after chatting with Wayne, we thought that sounded pretty good to us. So we got the kids settled with my folks and headed up. It was all pretty surreal since with the other two I had actually been in labor when I went up.

Of course once we got there, 5 other women who were in labor came in and we had to wait till around 6 when there would be nurses available for us. Helene(my midwife) broke my water and we watched Chuck and Dancing with the Stars and it all seemed kinda slow and I wondered if perhaps I should have just waited it out, letting nature decide when I should have this baby. I really didn't want any Pitocin or other crazy drugs but after 10pm it started to pick up and it was again shocking how intense that last bit of labor can be. I did not want any drugs this time around. No, not because I am so tough but because Willa came so fast, that if it went like that, I didn't want the drugs in my system for such a long time afterward. After hyperventilating in the tub, they got me out and by the time I got back to bed, Adalyn was ready to come out. The last bit seemed to go quite quickly.

In the end, I'm glad we decided to induce. Things progressed really quickly after a certain point and if I'd been at home it would have been bad for Wayne. He was very good throughout labor, as always. And I must say, we make beautiful children. I'll post more pics later today but we are all doing well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Introducing...Adalyn May!!

Adalyn May Kelly was born 11:09pm on Monday the 16th. 6lbs. 10 oz. 20 inches!! She is also currently very hungry so only have time for a couple pics and I'll give the story later! Healthy and cute as a button!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birdsong Trail

Sunday we stopped out at Mendon Ponds, a park near our church, and brought some bird seed along. Often you can coax the feathered friends to eat out of your hand. Denver was pretty lucky and had one land fairly quickly but it turns out Willa's patience does not lend itself to standing still for almost any length of time. So she was happy with just leaving some on the ground for the birdies. We had a lovely long walk without heavy winter coats! It's almost tropical here in Upstate New York with temps in the 50's. We'll still get some wintery weather but it does make the remainder of Winter bearable with the sun finally showing its' face for a little while.

Willa's Artistry

Here is some of Willa's recent artwork. A portrait of Mommy and Daddy. I have the more colorful tummy. This is a big thing for Willa who I think compares her skills to Denver too often and resorts to "scribbling" because she "can't" do it like Denver. So when she made these I was very impressed. She would like to include her own message too so here goes...

i love daddy and mommy

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Yet

No baby yet and I think I may never have her and just be pregnant forever.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I've decided to stop working until the big day, which I would have thought had come and gone. But here I am closing in on a week till my due date and I've never been so pregnant. So to help maintain a Zen-like state I decided I would just not work. So, after the pre-school drop off, Possum and I hit a small park nearby for an off-leash walk. He LOVES this kind of thing and is usually very well behaved as long as there are no other dogs or large scale wildlife he can chase. Then he can't obey worth beans. But our morning walk was uneventful and very peaceful. I took some pics to help keep my mind from being frustrated with the fact that I"m stilll preggo. So here are my better shots from the morning.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

No Baby Yet

So after a couple hours last night at the hospital, they sent us home. We are both a little jumpy this time around since things progressed extremely quickly with Willa. 18 minutes after they broke my water. In fact, I wasn't even sure I was in labor when we went in with Willa. So, since Wayne is really against delivering this one, we aren't taking too many chances. I did feel a bit silly. Looking around at the other women in the triage area who were clearly in labor, it was obvious I was not! But then again, I didn't know it with Willa. It's a little comical really. Wayne and I were eating lunch yesterday and just staring at each other like we were holding our breath. Just waiting. It can't be too much longer but who knows. It would have been very convenient to have her in the beginning of the weekend but I suppose she'll come when she's ready. I'm sure in a month I'll be wondering why I was so anxious about jumping into sleepless nights and diaper changes.

We have tickets to Greece Athena Middle School''s performance of The Wizard of Oz for this afternoon. We lined up my parents to take the girls in case, but it looks like we'll be able to go. I just hope I don't go into labor during the show. The girls are so looking forward to it and would put up a fairly big fuss if I told them halfway through that we had to leave, even if it were for the baby. Last year the same school did Peter Pan and it was phenomenal!! Way better than I remember Middle School being. They have kids flying and everything so we are all a little excited about the show. So for now, no baby yet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So I'm trying to rename my blog. This seems to be taking the path of the latest naming challenges by completely stumping me. Certainly I can't keep calling it Waynekoranadenverandwillakelly when there will be one more added on. And then it's just silly to keep it so long. Glitter Bug, its present name, suits me and the girls, who seem to have inherited my insane love of sparkly things.(especially that ultra fine glitter. Ya' know the kind that sticks around for weeks after you've used it because it gets on everything! Man, I love that kind) But it doesn't fit Wayne so good. But who are we kidding, he doesn't post anything. Though he was impressed with my new button photo on the header. Those button boxes of my Moms have that same trance-inducing ability that glitter has for me. Glitter is still my numero uno but I want to do at least one more project with buttons in it. And then there is my deep love and appreciation of chocolate. So we'll see. Suggestions anyone?

I'm really hoping to have this baby today or tomorrow. Since we are so close, I think I'll post the names we decided against.

My favorite: Sawyer-I just loved this name, boy or girl. I, however, was the only one. Willa said she really liked it too but then would say, "Let's name her Toast!" So her support didn't actually amount to too much.

Another fav of mine was Adalyn, which I still really like and would not be disappointed if Wayne changed his mind on it.

Mikah Joelle was another on our short list. Traditionally a boys name, I still really liked it for a girl. But I think we moved away from it because there was recently a little boy named Micah at our church and they would be in the same class and I really prefer my kids to be the only one with their name in a class.

Joelle is in the running I think but a little low on the list. I think we have a middle name now so hopefully, like people say, once we see her we would know about the rest.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quiet Times

Last night when we checked on the girls we found Willa snuggled up to this cute seahorse that they both love. It glows and plays nice music when you press on its' tummy and the girls trade who gets to sleep with it every night. It's actually the baby's, a gift from Christmas, but I told them they could borrow it until she was ready for it.

Here is a pic of Denver catching a few snuggles with "Blank" before she heads off to school. We often give her a hard time because I swear her blankie puts her in a kind of trance. She says it's the "power of the Blank" that does it to her. As soon as she takes it out of her mouth, she perks right up. It makes me want to hide the thing but I'm afraid she's old enough now that she would remember and it would traumatize her. Soon, Blank may only be allowed in her bed. Either that or it will soon disintegrate into nothing.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby's Room

So here's her room. Once we have a name, it will be in big letters over her crib. I always thought that if I got the chance to do a nursery, everything would be just so. But it turns out with the 3rd. there are a lot of compromises. Mostly having to do with time more than anything.

No baby yet though I had a last minute ultrasound on Friday because I had measured a bit smaller this week than last. They just wanted to double check the amniotic fluid. Everything looked good and they guestimated her weight at 6 lbs. 2 ozs. so maybe another week inside wouldn't be a bad idea. I've had more ultasounds this time around and they have all turned out to be fine but I find that I miss the blissfull ignorance of my first two pregnancies. And truly, this baby is likely just as perfect and healthy as the other two but all this double checking makes for a very paranoid Mom. Nothing will replace the ability to see her little face and hear her cry.

This adorable little guy was a gift to Denver from her good friends Tate and Calvin for her birthday 2 years ago. She still remembers! But she didn't mind me putting it up on the baby's dresser.