Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Has My Time Gone?

My silence in the land of the blog can mean only 1 of 2 things.  Either volleyball has started or I'm not taking many pictures.

Both this time around.

Volleyball started last week and as always is all consuming of any extra time or brain-space.  Right before that, my computer told me it's memory was nearing a tipping point and could no longer handle any more photos.  So I've taken some, but they are stuck on my memory card without a home.  This is a newish computer so I was surprised.  But it turns out those HD videos are space hoggers.

Now add to that the re-aquiring of the found pup...yes, yes.  Our neighbors had our found little guy for a while.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you are, he kept breaking out and making his way down to our yard.  At an almost embarrassing rate.  All of a sudden, he would just be in our back yard.  So the neighbors(4 houses down), who are really lovely and great and fun, asked us if we wanted him back since he seemed very clearly attached to us and we seemed equally attached to him.  After assuring us repetitively that there would be no hard feelings and no weirdness at all, we accepted the pup back.  Legend, the newest member, has been keeping us on our toes.  Has eaten, and then horked up, 4 socks(that I know of) has ripped holes in countless others, and generally been proving his puppiness.  Even as I type, I can hear strange, unsettling noises that will be sure to amount to some new mischief he can get into.  But he had already nuzzled his way into our soft hearts.  And onto the furniture.  Sigh.