Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost Amid the Remodel

Somewhere around 4 weeks before Christmas, we(Wayne and I) decided it would be genius if we ripped apart our downstairs bathroom and began the remodeling process.  We almost did this over the Summer but  went to Key West instead.  And now being 6 weeks into the project I can easily say that Key West was far more fun;)

The thing about remodeling for me, is that I know going into it that it will be a painful process.  I agonize and dither about the smallest things to a point that is exhausting.  Having done a few rooms now, I have faith that in the end, the room will look great, it will look like us and we will be so glad we did it.  But before all that satisfaction comes the hemming and hawing inevitable with me.  So that is where I've been lost.  In the cyber-world that includes image searches of small bathrooms, faucets, faucets that light up(per Willa's request), shower heads, shower systems, tiles, medicine cabinets, vanities and one unfortunate day filled with only variations on robe hooks.

Anyhow, here are the before pictures, including the crooked window shade, the too many bottles of shampoos, conditioners and the like, and a plant that without reason, refuses to die.

 At Christmas we let our family sign the insides of the walls:)

Did I mention Wayne is doing all the work himself?  Luckily over Christmas break we got almost all the demo done.  But now that he's back to working 55 hours a week at work, progress is somewhat slow.  Good thing patience is a strong character trait for me(insert eye roll).  Plus, there is the rest of 'life' that keeps on insisting it should be paid attention to as well.  Happily, I am 99% sure everything has been decided, though it is clear that I may have underestimated how much certain items would cost, I am glad to have all the decision making behind me.  Now all we need is time, and Lord knows, we have an abundance of that(insert another eye roll, bigger this time).