Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This was my favorite Easter by far. We had such a blast all weekend. What a memory, Easter egg hunt on the Capitol.

Easter Morning was sooo fun. After an egg hunt inside we took our eggs to the front of the Capitol building and hid them again. What a fun day!!

Here's a fantastic view from the Washington Monument to the World War II Memorial. I love DC and always feel like there wasn't enough time to do everything I had wanted.

We also visited the giant "Pencil" as the girls called it. Willa was completely zonked through the entire visit but still says she remembers it.

For Easter, we traveled down to Washington D.C. to visit our very good friends, Jeremy and Amanda. Here you see the girls playing with their new dog Talay(all the way from Thailand) and our favoritest dog ever Cassidy(She's the Springer). The girls loved the dogs, after a day or so. And now that we will be getting one too, I am relying on Amanda's dog sense to help us pick a great one.

Grandpa LOVED dying Easter eggs almost more than the kids. He was such a kid at heart and really loved all the fun Holiday treats.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We laid my Grandpa to rest yesterday. We heard back from his hematologist who extended his condolences but also let us know that Grandpa's blood marrow had stopped producing blood. Also, tests indicated bone cancer. He would have had about a month left and it would have been a very bad one. I really hate cliches, especially after the last 6 weeks, but it does put a spin on Working in Mysterious Ways. Our family is just sad. People who have gone through this before spoke of a terrible let down when it's over. They are so right. I know before long, my schedule will fill up with wonderful things, but just now, I can only think of the void of time that I will not be spending with my Grandpa. What to do without the twice daily visits to the hospital. I know he hated the hospital, but I miss the idea of him not being available for me to see. Such a cheerful happy person, there should be more people like him.

Our last day with him was Tuesday and he was very lucid and aware. Soo thankful to everyone and was able to say his goodbyes and let others say theirs. He was at peace with everything. I left the hospital for some sleep at 8pm and awoke in the middle of the night. I went back up at 2am and sat with him until he passed just after 4. It was without pain and still the hardest thing I've ever done. I was very glad to have that chance. I will post some other pics of him. He was really a super guy and I miss him terribly.