Friday, March 4, 2011


 We Stumbled Upon this website full of fun princessy hairstyles.  The author does a nice job with the instructions so I felt empowered to try something new with their hair.
 So for a local High School production of Cinderella we had two princesses, complete with princess hair(Denver in the Cinderella do and Willa in a Belle style), glitterfied with spray hair glitter of course, and two Grandparents as escorts.  Along with their dolls too, who yes, did get to sit through the performance.  The girls had a great time, even getting to participate in a 'parade' across the stage at the end of intermission, followed by a sleepover at Gran and Pop's house.

My ASIL came over and watched Ady while Wayne and I snuck out to a dinner that had no interruptions.


  1. so pretty! maybe someday ellie will let me actually do something to her hair :-) here's another site that does fancy hair stuff: