Thursday, November 10, 2011

More from Kurt and Tia's Wedding

 We stopped at a close by mall and hijacked their carousel for a few minutes.  The girls LOVED this part:)

It was actually close to 40 degrees out while we were taking these pics so we had a person close by taking the coats from everyone at the last moment and Tia has mentioned the possibility of being frozen to the bench by the time this last one was shot:)
And then they were off!  The newlyweds were thrown for a loop when Tia received an email enroute to the ceremony that said their flights to Australia and Fiji were cancelled due to labor strikes.  Not being able to deal with it till Sunday put them behind everyone else who had rebooked flights and although the labor strike lasted less than 48 hours, the airline was unable to get them to Sydney within a reasonable amount of time and could not get them to Fiji at all!   I was so sad for them.  But they had trip insurance and were able to spend a few days in New Orleans and then a week on a cruise to Cozumel.  January will be finding them in Australia and hopefully the 1 yr. anniversary will find them in Fiji.  They return tomorrow, back to the real world, hopefully rested and ready to tackle the Holiday Season as the new Mr& Mrs. Spindler.  Or Mr. & Mrs. Spindler-Schmidt.  Or Mr.& Mrs. Schmidt-Spindler.  Or they could create a whole new last name with the letters of their respective last names; DeMinssprichdt, or Shindlermiscpdt, or....

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