Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Months Later

And still we are lost among the remodel.

You wouldn't think it would take that long to write a few sentences here and there and throw up a few pictures.  It seems like once I broke the habit, I had a hard time coming back.  The poor excuses I can offer are that my bathroom is not yet back to rights, 3 kids(the 3rd one completely done with diapers), travel volleyball, 2 dogs, 2 cats(one of which I swear is on his last days), and 1 beta fish.  They are consuming me, minute by minute.  Something had to give and so it was the blog, which cannot die, whine, or create any number of disgusting messes requiring me to stop immediately what I was about to do so I can clean it up.  Now I'm wondering when I had time to write here at all.

And I'm not making any promises.

Adalyn is now potty trained(insert Hallelujah chorus), however *ahem* #2 can be very tricky and seems to involve many false alarms and a ridiculous degree of patience.  The bathroom is very nearly completely functional(3 months later) but there is still the painting and trimming to do.  The cat, well, we'll see.  My guess is that we may be mourning his passing sooner rather than later.  The dogs, they seem to continue to poop.   Not surprising I know, but now that the weather is nicer we may actually want to use our back yard and so cleaning up after them will be required.  The fish doesn't complain but I swear he is thinking thoughts about my ineptness while he watches me try to juggle everything.  Not very well I might add.

So maybe this 20 minutes I am surely stealing from something else I should be doing, is an anomaly.

But hopefully not.

While I've been out living blog-free, Adalyn has turned 3 and I made her the coolest rainbow cake ever, per her request.  She is still our "crapshoot."  Just last night, after putting her to bed at 9:30, she spent the next 3 hours jabbering until calling me relentlessly at 12:45.  You just never know with her.

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