Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Chicks with Baby Chicks

 No they aren't my chicks, though I have been trying to convince Wayne we could keep a few chickens for years now.  So far, no luck convincing him.  I swear if we framed off a small bit of the garage and penned off a section of backyard we hardly use anyway, it could work!  But considering Legend tried to eat the cat a few weeks ago(seriously, it was close), maybe more live things wouldn't be a great idea.

 This chick may look a little anxious.  Once Adalyn got over the idea that they might poop at any moment, she picked them up with gusto.  Maybe too much gusto since that poor little guy may have had the poop squeezed out of him.  I think they all survived with no internal bleeding.

 They ended the day by taping things to the floor to create an obstacle course for the chicks to run.  Not sure if the chicks knew what they were supposed to do but they sure had a fun time making it for them.

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