Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking a Collective Breath

Silence here usually means that life is speeding on without many moments to catch our collective breaths.  But we have this one week.  One week where there is very little on our calendar and we can all take a deep breath before July takes us on its' adventure.

 June brought us many happy diversions(sorry, channeling my inner Austen).  For one, I got to try my hand at gum paste flowers.  I like to make fancy cakes.  I think the older you get the fewer opportunities you get to really make beautiful things.  Life kinda gets in the way.  So this month I got to make 2 cakes.  One for a bridal shower and one for my Niece's Graduation party.  I enjoyed every bit of it, though having my kitchen turned into a gum paste making, drying, and storing factory was...inconvenient.  God Bless my patient husband who never complains and didn't once break any delicate little flowers drying while sitting in a myriad of cups on the counter or hanging from racks upside down.

We also had our 2nd Annual Block Party.  It took much less planning this year, which is good since we had a lot less time to put to it.  But I love that nearly everyone on the street came out and spent nearly the whole day with each other. It has definitely changed the 'feel' of the neighborhood.

 My Aunt came in costume for a full day of face-painting.

The Barnard Fire Department sent over a firetruck and the kids all got hats and a chance to climb up into the truck.  And everyone humored me while I snapped a group shot.

 You can't tell but Wayne had my name "tattooed" int the center of the heart;)

And we finished the night with tractor rides up and down our closed street and an outdoor movie projected onto someones house.

 Then Father's Day celebrated at my brother's house.
Then the Barnard Fireman's Parade and Carnival...

Then my Sweet Niece Mikayla, graduated from High School.

And then here we are...taking a breath before July starts...

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