Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some More Maine Pics

One of Tia's fantastic ideas was to hide a treasure map left by Captain Hook. Our house was right on a beach so the kids each had to find their "X"on the beach and dig. The older kids did not get an "X," so their searching took a bit longer. Buried were little "treasures" from Maine.

Above was taken at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.
Ocean water in Maine is COLD! But we found this kind of
shallow tide pool which was much warmer and more
enjoyable for the smaller people to swim in. Here are all
the kids that were with us.

During low-tide, there is a sand bar
that stretches from Bar Harbor
across to an island. Left, you see
Denver showing off some finds
from her searching and we even
found a starfish too! But keep an
eye on that tide, as we found out,
it comes in fast.

Above is Denver and Willa with Aunt Tia, who now has rock start status with them.

My brother, Kurt, with daughter Mikayla on Cadillac Mountain for sunset.


  1. Looks like such fun and so pretty!
    Let me know when you are booking your trip to CA. Can't wait to see you... I hope it is soon, before....nerver mind that coment!

  2. lovely pics... love the STARFISH one. and yeesh! organizing a treasure hunt? rock star status she deserves because i wouldn't have that much energy after a half a pot of coffee ;-) thanks for sharing