Saturday, June 27, 2009

Patriotism and Parades

This was a very busy week for us. Denver finished school on Thursday. I can't tell you all how pleased I was with her first year. Her teacher, Mrs. Antonienko(the one with the Spider man shirt, which says how cool she is!) , and assistant, Mrs. Jones, were so fantastic that I'm afraid I'll be disappointed with the next 12 years! It is refreshing to me to have such a positive experience considering that our school district is frequently in our local news for disappointing reasons that have nothing to do with the children themselves. But I am quite fond of our little neighborhood school(Longridge Elementary for you locals). But I am also happy to have a less structured summer for more family fun!

This week was also the Barnard Fireman's Parade and Carnival. This has been a family tradition for us since I was a baby. And when I think about my first impressions of Patriotism, I would have to say it started at this yearly event. Along with the happy memories of my Dad popping popcorn at home and bringing it to the parade in bread bags(something he still does), carting the lawn chairs from the parking lot as a kid and now from our own home which is within walking distance. I remember my brothers and I peeking down the street to see who would be the first to see the start of the parade. I remember scrambling to try to pick up candy from the people throwing it.
I remember covering my ears when the trucks
went by and the lovely sounds of the bagpipes. And MMMMmm...Carnival Food!

Along with those happy memories I remember my Mom making us stand when the Vietnam Vets marched by and not really understanding why until much later. I now make my kids stand when they march by and when they ask why, it's hard to answer in words they will understand. Their Papa is a Vietnam Vet and they have a hard time grasping the idea of my Father, the most peaceful man you could meet, as a fighter. But it is from these seeds planted back when I was a kid that my Patriotism sprouted from. The fanfare that accompanies a parade is such a wonderful reminder to celebrate the people in uniform around you.

We were lucky to have some cousins, Lacy and Lily, from Florida up over the week and the girls loved playing with them and later enjoyed the carnival rides with them too! I love the Barnard Parade and look forward to it every year as if I was still that little kid peering down the street to see if the parade had started yet.

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