Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spray park and Smiling Faces

This week we met some of Willa's preschool friends at a local Spray Park. The girls had a blast and even Possum came and was reasonably well behaved.

Here we have the many smiles of Miss Adalyn. She is slowly moving out of the stinker phase. She's been giving my Dad and Wayne her crabby side but I think we're just about done with the Mommy only phase.And here the girls had a little giggle fest on the floor with Ady. We are finally adjusting to life with three. And I know it will start to fly by even faster now that I'm feeling a bit more sane.

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  1. oh, i didn't realize how many weeks since i've seen ady. she looks SO gorgeous and big! all those girls are dolls. give 'em a squeeze for me, would ya?