Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blog Wandering

I was wandering the blog world this morning. Ya' know, going to a friends' site and then checking out their links to other blogs. It's like taking a virtual walk. Anyhow, I came across this quote which made me really think, and will hopefully stick with me.

"I have often heard many a preacher stand up in the middle-class church and say something like, "it isn't a sin to have a big home and nice things, but let's just remember what's really important." Well maybe it is time someone started saying it is a sin to have too much a of a good thing. Maybe someone should say that Jesus was on to something when he said sell all you have and give it to the poor....that maybe he was speaking of how to save others as well as ourselves. We seem to have confused charity with mercy and over-consumption with blessing."
- Omar Hamid Al-Rikabi

Since we are in the midst of a kitchen remodel I have been feeling a touch more materialistic than normal. Should we or shouldn't we add on in a few years? Just because you like the look of stainless steel appliances do you really NEED them? If you watch HGTV at all you could convince yourself that you NEED many of these things. But in the end they are still just things. Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit Brazil for a summer. It was there that I saw my first look at true poverty. And while I like to keep those images tucked away because it's easier that way, maybe it would be better to bring them out a little more often.


  1. Well said Korana. Very convicting. We recently desperating wanted to buy an amazing house in the neighborhood. It didn't happen. I was so sad about it but recently very convicted about how we don't at all need a 4 bedroom house on the hill overlooking the lake for just the 2 of us! Such a difference between wants and needs isn't there?

  2. OH, how right you are babe. i like that quote too... i think that one is going on the fridge so I can read it every day. It is a good reminder to FEEL blessed and content with what we have and to think twice before we beg for more. i needed this little reminder today. thank you!