Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tie Dye Party

Well, for a bit of crazy Summer fun, we hosted a tie dye party for many of the girls' friends. This was a fun mix of friends from school, friends from dancing, friends from church and friends from the neighborhood. In all there were 29 kids(not counting infants) and 10 parents. My house is not big and neither is my yard, not to mention the vast amount of rain we've been getting has produced some very healthy weeds which I have not had time to get to. So it was kind of chaotic, but still fun. I could have timed it better since we are still trying to finish the kitchen and were working like mad to put as much of it back together as we could that morning. But the weather cooperated, and by that I mean it did not rain during the 2 hour event, though you would never know it was July.

Tie dye is fun, plain and simple. Like coloring Easter eggs. Even though you could not possibly eat more than a dozen hard boiled eggs, you always want more to color. Tie dye is the same, once you get going you start looking around for more things to color. One friend took off her socks so she could dye them. Another grown-up friend borrowed a t-shirt so she could dye the one she came in:) The kids all seemed to have a blast and ended the event with a large scale bug hunt. And this is what I LOVE about kids this age, it did not matter that they had never met. By the end, almost everyone was playing together.

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  1. yes, so brave! and that pic of me SUCKS. :-)