Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Garden Factory

Last Friday we took Possum to a one of our local nurseries for a doggie Halloween party. So many pups in costume. Possum was a Hula Dog, although the skirt really wouldn't even stay long enough for a picture. The girls had a blast because they got to dress up in costumes and Possum got a little stimulation. Wayne and I got to feel a little less guilt over our dog, who does not get nearly enough exercise during v-ball season. They had a very clever Bobbing for Weiners, which Possum became VERY good at VERY fast!

I have one more week left to my season. Then comes Post season, which is another ride altogether. I have only had one other year when I felt at the end of the season, like I would like it to go a bit longer. Crazy enough, I would like a little more time. I feel I could get them just that much better if only there were time...Oh I will be plenty glad to have a spare moment to breathe and I know my family will be glad to have me back to my regular duties. But I love this sport. The more I coach it the more I love it. The more I wish I could find a competitive way to keep playing. On the chance days when I am needed to fill a drill at the varsity practice I am always struck at how cathartic it feels to play, not just stand around like gym class ball, but really play with intensity. It's hard to feel more alive than when you are doing something you absolutely love that requires so much effort from you physically and mentally. That, and I think I've mentioned it before, but Nazareth has GREAT kids. They are the kind of girls I hope my kids look up to.

(Sigh) Volleyball is dreamy.

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  1. korana, you crack me up! :-) girls look so darling in the costumes! i think our might be here today.. a big splurge for us, but mario, luigi and princess peach? come on. super fun, right?

    miss you!!! xoxo