Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Tree Is This?

I have long admired some of the trees around our neighborhood. Every Fall I just Fall in love with the way this particular tree changes its' leaves. But I have no idea what tree this is. I took the picture and some fallen leaves into our local Garden Center but to no avail. For you locals, there are many of them planted along the street on Pamona. So if anyone out there can give me a clue, that'd be great! I did try knocking on a few doors to see if maybe the owners knew, but no one was home and I started to feel a bit like a stalker. So if anyone has any suggestions...


  1. looks like it could be a locust tree, but i'd have to see a closer picture of the leaves... beautiful tree

  2. korana, i think it is a type of ash. i can't see the leaves perfectly even when i blow it up, but if you do a google image search of ash tree in autumn, i think it might be american ash???? see if that gets you any closer.

  3. Good call Liss, I think it is a White Ash. But YIKES! Mature height is 80ft!! I may have to reconsider my tree.:(