Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For a Little Package...

Being that she is the smallest person in our family(not counting Neener, our girl kitty) she sure causes a lot of havoc around here.  Yesterday, she was napping on our bed and when I heard a peep from her I checked on her only to find that she had crawled to the other end of our bed and had happily pulled out about 100 wiped from the wipe package. 
She looked sooo proud of herself, I had to take a picture!  It's hard to see against the white of the duvet but there are wipes everywhere! No more napping on Mom and Dad's bed for her!

And while making dinner last night, I noticed suddenly that it was too quiet and there was no crawling maniac destroying my kitchen underfoot. 
When I found her she had happily unrolled the toilet paper roll and thought it was the best game ever!  She is turning out to be my busiest.  Or maybe I'm distracted by other things now.  All I know is that it is very hard to keep up!


  1. I've never met her but I LOVE her so much already Korana! She looks like a tiny tiny Denver and Willa all rolled into one baby package. Too funny about the wipes!! Amanda

  2. glad you thought to take a pic of the wipes. too much. she really does look so happy and proud of herself!