Friday, February 12, 2010

Naz Vs. AQ, One Last Time

We went to a Basketball game between Nazareth and Aquinas.  The last one ever.  The two schools are merging and Nazareth shall be no more.  The game was at Roberts Weslyan College.  A much larger venue than the cheese box of a gym Nazareth claims as its' own.  The gym was set up as a kids paradise in a way.  They had the indoor track foam beds in a corner and track lines on the floor.  Denver and Willa played for a good hour on the foam, jumping and chasing each other.  By the end Willa played so much she fell off the foam(probably why they discourage non-track people from playing on it).  She cut her mouth and got her firrst bloody nose and was so exhausted she was asleep before we had her buckled in.  Here is Denver and Willa with Meredith, my Varsity counterparts' eldest sweetie.  Those were some really tired kids!
Naz won in OT by 2 points.  A thriller.  But sad all the same just knowing that it would not be again.  Many, many of our volleyball kids were there and it was depressing to think that I may not get to coach all of them next year.  So much potential.  Some of it buried so deep it would take a year or two to uncover, but there all the same.  Some had already decided on their plans for next year, most were not prepared to make a decision.  A smart plan when your emotions are high. 

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