Friday, August 20, 2010

One Week Down

We have almost survived our 1st week of Volleyball.  On my days off(I only work 3 days), it doesn't seem bad.  But on the days I work, oi, it feels like a marathon!  But so far so good.  A nice group of girls.  Unfortunately, 17 is too many for me to handle well.  So today will be cuts.  Unpleasant, but necessary.  I just try to remind them that in 20 years, they may win the Nobel Peace Prize and still get cut from v-ball, so they should try to keep a good perspective.

Last weekend the girls were invited to a birthday party at a stable.  With Horses.  Big horses.   This was worrisome a little to me.  Visions of 2 hysterically crying little girls thrashing about on top of a horse were threatening my excitement for the dear little girl whose birthday we were to celebrate.  Last year D & W were both given opportunity for the slowest horse ride ever and they both turned it down flat.  But this time they told me they were going to do it and were all fired up about it.

They did great!  After D got off her horse she said, "Mommy, I want a horse!"  To which I sadly informed her that our tiny yard could not possibly support one.  She then told me, "Then I want to live here!"  Not to worry, she still resides with us:)

The stable played Red Light, Green Light with the kids ON THE HORSES!  So fun.  And the kids got to feed them and it was a really neat time for my little suburban girls.

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  1. I love this. And the pictures are amazing. I always wanted a pony but never got it. We did get a horse 16 hands which means he was more than tall, he was a giant. I think we had him a year or two in the seventies. Only problem was that he wasn't trained well and that was a real problem. I'm pretty sure Wayne might remember him even though he was pretty young at the time.