Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Graduanniversary

On Saturday we headed out to the Conesus Lake area(about an hour South of Rochester) for two family parties.  A graduation party for Wayne's nephew Matt.  He is headed off to Ithaca College with hopes of eventually having a syndicated sports column.  He also is an Eagle Scout, something that takes many years of commitment to achieve.  We wish him the best of luck on all his endeavors!

The second party was for Wayne's sister and BIL who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  A happy party filled with a huge bonfire and some four wheeling for the brave and play-clothes dressed attendees.

You may wonder where the stars of the shows are.  Hmmm, so I should have listened to my Aunt when she told me to get a back up battery b/c one day I would forget to charge mine and I would be left camera-less.  This day was Saturday.  I managed to snap a few cute ones before the juice ran out.  Unfortunately, they do not include the Graduate or the happy couple.  So you are stuck with my lovelies with Conesus Lake behind them...

And (one of) Wayne's brother's kids and ours, all together on the swings.  6 in all!  Yikes, when did that happen??

So Congratulations Matt and Happy Anniversary Mary and Rob!

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