Sunday, September 19, 2010

Country Fun

I grew up in the suburbs.  It's what I know.  I have a strict 'Thou-Shalt-Not-Live-More-Than-15-Minutes-Away-From-Wegmans' Policy.(For you non-locals, Wegmans is the best supermarket ever)

But every once in a while, it is so very good to venture out into the country.  In this case it was Perry, NY for an End of Summer party hosted by some friends we met while camping at Yogi Bear earlier this Summer.  The girls were running from the time we got there till we dragged them into the car after dark.  It was about an hour drive and 30 minutes in they both started pointing out everything that meant we were getting close; the 'blue things'(that would be the distant hill according to Willa), the cows, the goats, the horses, the barns.  Just about everything was pointed out and noted as a sign of nearing our destination.  To say they were excited was an understatement.

Space.  That is the one thing that the country has over my my lovely close-to-Wegmans existence.  The house was situated on a lovely hill, surrounded by fields.  The two little girls in residence there, were the owners of some super fun things that the girls LOVED!

Starting with this John Deer kid mover.  Oh the fun they had motoring all over the yard.  Although, you'd have to remind Willa often to look where she was driving, as the spectator in her tended to look around instead of where she was driving.

They also had chickens!  Something I've been trying to convince Wayne we could have for about a year now.  He has repeatedly shot down my suggestion.  On our drive out, I saw a farm that had coops for sale, they looked nice but Wayne wouldn't stop so I could take a closer look:(  The chicken were very entertaining, almost like a drive-in theatre.

And speaking of chicken, our hosts made the best chicken  ever.  I may have to resort to bribery in order to get the recipe.

Also, there was a trampoline.  I swear they jumped for over an hour!  And they weren't the only ones!

The evening was finished off with glow sticks, hide-and-glow-seek, a campfire, and small scale fireworks(technically illegal but hey, it's the country!)  What a fun day, although judging from the meltdowns this morning, we still have a few tired little ones.


  1. fun! you almost made it as far as my folks ;-) makes me sort of homesick all that "space and chickens" talk. sniff sniff

  2. ...Realmente lindo esse lugar...Vontade de conhecer...Olá sou Thassyana de Uberlandia Minas Gerais (Brasil) e visitei seu