Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas Eve we held our 2nd annual Gingerbread decorating contest.  Again the teams were girls vs. boys but after the walloping the girls delivered to the boys for the 2nd year in a row, I think we'll need to even out the teams next year.

Then we packed a ridiculous amount of people in our living room to exchange gifts with those we don't get to see Christmas Day.  Not pictured is a most lovely spread of food that I look forward to every year.

Christmas morning started at 5:30am!!!  AThe first time it's been so early.  We made them go back to bed for a while but really, how well do you think that worked?  Luckily Adalyn slept until 10!  So at least one of us was well rested for our marathon that is Christmas Day.  The girls were delighted by their gifts and I was proud that they really took time to look at each gift before moving on to the next.

 Even Possum got some special treats.  Which did not last long.

 Then to the Kelly Christmas, of which I have shamefully few photos.  But was delightful anyhow.  We always play the White Elephant Gift game with the adults We almost got to take home the bun and weiner toaster.  Ahh, maybe next year:)
 Then we finish up the evening at my Aunts house for dinner(a really delicious smoked turkey!) and more gift giving. The girls hand made ornaments for each person this year and they turned out great and they really loved giving them.
 Santa and the Reindeer left these cutie towels for the girls and although we couldn't possibly squeeze a bath into Christmas Day, if Santa happens onto this blog, I want him to see the girls enjoying one of his gifts.

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