Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Busy.   Busy with the everyday life that is 3 girls, 1 dog, 2 cats, and not enough hours in the day.  Busy with Christmas preparations so I'm not waiting until the last minute to get those Christmas cards(so far 1 delivered, 99 to go) out the door.  Busy with decorations, which are up.  Although our Christmas card holder that encircles a doorway looks very sad without any cards on it.   Busy shopping, online and in person.  Busy trying very hard not to let life slip by so dang fast.

I haven't even posted about the birthday party the girls went to in a pink limo!!!  No really!

Or about the parent teacher conferences that went so very well.  Both girls excelling beyond their grade.  Both model students.  Will I ever get tired of hearing good things about my kids from other people?  Probably not.

Or about hosting Thanksgiving for the Kelly family.  During which I did not take one single photo.   32 people for dinner and I can't remember to take one picture??  Oi.

Work is going well, just really busy.  Especially for Wayne who is working 60+ hours a week to try and fill back orders.  I would love to post video of the new machines at work but I'm fairly certain my boss would object on proprietary principles.  Good help is hard to find and we know that better than most.  We still have a hard time finding new, committed, and conscientious employees.  So if you like manufacturing(b/c it does take a certain kind of person), don't mind getting dirty, and have an interest in glass, please apply.  You may not get rich but at the end of the day you get a certain satisfaction from actually making an object.

I would not have thought that the extra hours for him would be all that harder for us, but it does change the chemistry of a day.  Now we aren't sitting down to eat until 6:15 at the earliest.  By then, Willa is wiped out and thinking more about sucking on her fingers than actually eating a meal.  Denver, who is my type A, has held it together all day but will then melt down over something seemingly insignificant.  Ady?  Well she's still a crap shoot.  Sometimes she eats dinner, sometimes not.  Something she loved last time isn't touched the next.  Some nights she spends more time running around the table than eating at it.


Still I love this time of year.  We took the older 2 to see Tangled, their very first movie at a theatre.  They were enthralled.  Eyes big, greasy fingers from popcorn, completely drawn in.  When Denver was 4 1/2 we went to Disneyworld and she freaked at all the dramatic performances and stuff.  Just too much stimulation for her.  So I was very happy to see her just enjoy the experience.  And the movie was really cute too.

I have a few more posts, all half written in my head.  For now though I am enjoying a quiet Sunday morning with my coffee and my poor neglected blog.  On to the Sunday ads, cleaning, possibly church if we can get out the door, volleyball clinic, dinner with friends, and home to start another week.   If I can, I will squeeze in some wrapping, doubtful, but a girl can dream.

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  1. I always enjoy your posts,Korana. I understand about the busy stuff. Even with the kids grown I still have more things in one day than I have time and energy to get done.