Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 3 Days After Valentine's Day

 I kind of missed the blog for Monday.  But here is a little Valentine picture so I hope you had a nice day.  The older I get the more I find that this day is really not a big deal if your married(Wayne and I have never really celebrated it), but seems to be a big deal if you're single or dating someone.  I'm not sure what that says about us marrieds.  But I know I have 3 of the cutest Valentines to be had(actually I have 8, as I have been corrected many times now.  The rest include Daddy(can't argue that one) and Possum(big argument there), Sneakers and Neener(cats who are on the top of my 'dislike' list lately), and Rainbow, our new Beta fish that sits on our dining room table and swims around in her little bowl, all the while laughing at us I"m sure).

 Oh well.  Lately we've been noticing Adalyn has a more determined sense of style than her sisters did at this point.  Or maybe it's been so long I can't actually remember accurately.  Most of the time her style includes a dancing skirt.  She is way more into dress up than the other two were.  We've been known to go to the grocery store in hideously mismatching pieces only because we(and by 'we' here I mean her royal highness) were determined to do so.

 But we have managed to finally, finally get her to sleep normally.  In her own bed all night.  So we can all laugh a little easier now that we are not on the cliff of sleeplessness.  It seems we are trading the bad sleep for the terrible two's however.

Interspersed with bouts of delightfulness, of course.

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