Friday, February 25, 2011


It's my birthday tomorrow.  I am trying hard and showing great restraint by not rolling my eyes right now.  So instead of taking the road labeled, "Annoyed with getting older,"  I am going down the one labeled, "Celebrate in a fun, unique way."  So, to celebrate my whopping 34 years on this planet, I am going to try and perform 34 Random Acts of Kindness.  And since I know my time is stretched thin this weekend, I'm asking for your help to get to 34.  So if you are reading this, please consider performing a random act of kindness in my honor.  But then you have to let me know what it was so I can keep track of numbers.

I got this idea from here.  I was really inspired by this post when I read it and decided to try it this year.  I'm not sure I can afford to do quite so many big things as the author does, the intent of the goal is not to bankrupt me, just to LOOK.  Look for ways to make the lives around you, known and unknown, better.  To be nicer to strangers, just for the sake of being nice.

So here's what I've got...

#1-#4-Gifted the 4 ladies at the Dentist office with some Lia Sophia Bling when I took Denver in for her appointment.

#2- Bought a $10 gift card at Target and told the cashier to use it on the next order that came through her line.  It took her a second to really get what we were asking, but when the next person approached her line, she smiled and said,"Well, I guess that would be her."

#3-#5-  Gave some more bling away at Wegmans.  Had to correct someone who thought I was selling it.

#6-Bought a sub tray while at Wegmans and delivered it to our local Fire Department.  The girls LOVED this one b/c the fireman let them climb up on the Ladder Engine for a picture.

#7- Wrote a thank you note to our mail-person and attached a Chocolate bar to it.

 #8-#17 Snowblowed 10 driveways(besides our own) after we got about a foot of snow within 12 hours.

#18&#19- Denver and Willa shoveled two neighbors porches and applied pixie dust(ice melt).

  I'm in a gym for most of my day tomorrow, playing the role of coach for a 14 and Under Volleyball team.  I'm hoping there will still be opportunity to knock a few more off my list.  But that's the thing I guess, there is always a place for kindness.  If we can't immediately see it, it may be we aren't looking close enough.


#20+#21  Submitted via my Mom "When I told Aunt Bev about your request, she bought a dozen donuts to take to the gals at Joann's and pre-paid an order at a local deli for a family who had a trailer fire and lost the double wide and the garage last week."

#22 While buying the 5 glass vases in this pic at Goodwill, I also got a $10 gift card for the next person in line(who gave me a hug).

#23 Delivered 5 vases full of flowers to a local Nursing Home.

#24-33 Gifted the staff of 10 at the same Nursing Home with Lia Sophia bling(seriously, I had a lot of jewelry to give)

#34&#35  Delivered cookie trays to the local Police Precinct and another Fire Station

#36 Gave a $25 gas card to someone at the gas station.  This was little harder b/c the first guy Wayne tried to give it to, didn't want it.  I think he was afraid Wayne was accosting him, but eventually he did understand and told him to try and find someone who really needed it.  We did find someone who would take it and seemed pretty happy about it too.
# 37  Delivered a box of drawing pads, crayons, and silly putty to a local hospitals Emergency Room, along with a case of bottled water.

To be sure, the second day was harder due to our family fatigue from the weekend.  As you see, Adalyn was sometimes awake and sometimes not.  The older 2 girls were pretty pooped too.  But my Almost-SIL took the torch and really ran with it.  Having lost a dear friends of hers about a year ago, what started out as a few good deeds for my birthday turned into 34 ways to remember her friend.  It is a heartwarming experience actually.  Almost addicting.  Thanks Robyn, for the great idea.                          


  1. happy birthday dear! you are so awesome. really.

  2. I know I went over the 34, but some of the jewelry giving seemed too bunched up to REALLY count as individuals. I'm pooped but full of warm fuzzies.