Sunday, April 3, 2011

#2 Turns #6

 Willa turned the big 6 yesterday.  Looking through the last 6 years in photos, it's hard to find one with her not smiling.  She is as her middle name suggests, Joy-ful.

About 6 months old here.(yes, I could not figure out how to flip it the right way, really blogspot should  make that an option when adding pics)

Around 18 months here.  She and Great-Papa were good friends, though sadly she doesn't really remember him too much now.  

After these there is a gap in photos since my comp. crashed and I can't figure out how to transfer from an online photo store back to my comp.  Is that possible, does anyone know??

Always Happy, even the day after she had the stomach bug.  Every time I see this picture I think about how skinny she seemed from not eating for a few days last Spring.  But, still happy.

We happened to pull out her scrapbook at lunchtime and found her exact time of birth to be while we were eating.  So we quick stuck a candle in her PB&J and sang Happy Birthday to Willa!!

Willa has been saving up for a particular toy(I'm sure a pic will be updated to this soon) and Denver counted out the exact amount Willa needed, $3.64, from her piggy bank and wrapped it up(with a lot of tape) so Willa could get her much anticipated toy.  We are heading out soon to go purchase it.  Much to her dismay we could not go there in our pajamas within the first 5 minutes of wakefulness.

Willa Joy, a beautiful, happy thoughtful 6 year old that we are so very blessed to have in our family.


  1. such beautiful girls, K. happy being six willaby-wallaby :-) love you guys...

  2. I'm dying to know what must-have toy costs just $3.64!!! Willa is a beautiful little girl with a radiant soul. I can't believe she's six already!

  3. HA! Amanda, no such luck that the toy of her dreams cost only $3.64. That was only how much she had left to save. The toy cost a ridiculous $60. I made her save up half, thinking the whole $60 would be a hard target for her first saving/buying experience. She put away endless amounts of silverware and vacuumed for $$. She worked hard for a 6 yr. old and hopefully learned a bit about money in the process. Though now that she has it, my 'helper' doesn't seem quite as focused:( Seriously, it's a dog that walks on a leash. I tried to point out that we already had one of those, but to no avail. I can't blame her, hers doesn't poop, which makes cleaning up after it significantly easier.