Thursday, April 14, 2011

Willa Turning 6, Continued...

For her birthday, Willa wanted a couple friends over for a mini-party.  There was some last minute doubt(and I admit I freaked out a bit) when I only had heard back from 1 out of the 3 girls she invited.  After a lot of unnecessary stress, just the 1 friend came.  But, it is her best friend, and as it turns out, I think that's all a girl of 6 really needs.
I covered her Pink Lady(strawberry) cake in fondant and let them use food coloring and paintbrushes to paint the cake.  This was really turning out cool until, like all painting with small children, they combined all the colors to make a darkish purple that covered everything(including their clothes).  But a cool idea I will keep in my Cool Idea Closet(a space in my brain that I can sometimes find for special occasions).    
Continuing my no toy birthdays, Willa has chosen to go to Niagara Falls, Canada for her birthday trip.  Wayne even took a day off from work(insert the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus) next Thursday.  This turned out to be a bit more complicated when I realized at 2 weeks out, that my passport had expired less than a month before and I could not find Denver's birth certificate.  Long and very expensive story short, I now have a valid passport and Denver's birth certificate.  What the girls don't know(so no one blab!) is that we are surprising them with a stay at The Great Wolf Lodge, conveniently 15 minutes from the Falls.  I am so excited I could burst.  And since they both can read and have now awoken from their royal slumbering, time to end this.  But I'm sure there will be lots of pics to come of her birthday trip:)

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