Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Cards

Not mentioned in this virtual space, is the fact that I was laid off for the month of December. Wayne and I both work for a glass laboratory equipment manufacturer and this year has been SLOW. I only work part time and the company has been remarkably flexible with me, something I appreciate beyond belief. Wayne was still working but not in a normal capacity. He was working to get the building ready for a couple new products. A major undertaking which will hopefully bring us some success.

Anyhow, with extra time on my hands, I decided it would be more economical and fun to hand make our Christmas cards. There were two versions of our cards. Both seemed to take a lot of time to make with varying amounts of glitter involved. The first was a print of this picture. And the second was a pieced together Christmas tree with our cute little heads as the ornaments. I scanned one in but the glitter is really hard to see. By the end I was forgoing the glitter in favor of speed. I made at least 55 cards altogether. It was quite a process involving a lot of procrastination. But in the end, I think I preferred making them. It made it feel like it was a small gift. A bit of our creative spirit, sent in an envelop to our nearest and dearest. For those of you who do not know, which is almost all of you, I keep our Christmas cards. Not just the ones we send but the ones we receive. I have since 2004. They get pasted, very simply, in our Christmas Card album and it's really fun to look back every year and see our friends pictures. I use the non-photo ones too, sometimes cutting them out to make them fit just so. I also started making a collage of Christmas-time photos, so we could remember special things about that particular Christmas. It's become an accidental tradition. Much like the little sandwiches my Grandpa loved to make for Christmas Eve. Next year we will have to start a new album, I'm happy to say. So thanks for everyone who sent us one. You will be forever remembered in our lovely Christmas Card album.

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