Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, I have a lot of blogging ahead of me. So many great things happened over the Thanksgiving weekend. I think I'll proceed chronologically. Thanksgiving day was spent at my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Paul's house. This year was special because my Aunt Christa and Uncle Michael Leman along with their two kids(Ben and Elizabeth)(Hi Guys-insert tiny hand wave), were up from Virginia for a visit. I LOVE my Aunt and Uncle(well, all my Aunts and Uncles, but for now I am referring to the Lemans). They will roll their eyes when/if they read this but my love for them goes back to my impressionable youth.

First, when my brothers and I each turned 13, Aunt Christa and Uncle Michael FLEW us down to Virginia. By ourselves. Where we spent a few days with them and then flew back. Again, by ourselves. It felt very much like a rite of passage. And then to top it off, they work for the "agency." I can't help but have this rock-star-like awe for that. (OK, now I know the eyes are fully rolled and the giggles are starting) But I had two favorite shows during that weird adolescent time; Remington Steele and Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Do you think they have those on DVD? Sorry, I digress.
So while almost everyone in DC works for the government in some capacity, I think it's cool. So anyways, long story short, it was great to see them. Ben is now taller than me:( And Elizabeth, is really quite a witty and enjoyable college student, who will be studying in Germany next semester. If I knew how to say and spell 'Good Luck' in German, here would be the place I would write it ________.

To make our weekend even more happy, Rebecca, daughter of my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Paul, much beloved as well, was able to come home from NYC. She brought boyfriend David, who seemed to be a pretty nice guy. Seems that all the guests brought wine and so I think the final tally was 14 bottles of wine. Mmmm.

Then Friday, after a bit of shopping, we all headed out to a very German Restaurant to have a traditional German dinner in honor of Grandpa. His children(Dad, U. Paul, A. Christa) decided to set aside some money to treat the entire family to this very special dinner. 23 of us altogether. And to keep in with the spirit of things, I dressed the girls up in German attire. Willa started asking to put on her "Drindle"(actually dirndle) as soon as she woke up that morning. They looked absolutely charming! After dinner, Willa said, "Boy that German food is very good." She had a weiner(hot dog) and fries. There was a great group shot taken. You can see it here.
Thank you Uncle Paul BTW for the pic.

I think I will stop here and finish the weekend tomorrow. I'm thankful for drindles:)

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