Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kelly Thanksgiving

Wayne is one of 7 children in his family and one of the many great things about the gigantic Kelly family is that for Thanksgiving, they celebrate the Saturday following Thanksgiving. It is something everyone just plans on, no phone calls to a million people trying to find a date that works for everyone. It just is. This way there is no sharing the day with the spouse's family, or not seeing one side of your family at all that Holiday.
About a month or so ago, Wayne and I decided we would try to host dinner. We usually go to a church because the group is so large. But my Grandparents used to have parties in our basement so we decided to give it a try. Wayne cleaned out the basement, no small task! For those of you who have been here, you know my house is not big. At the minimum, we were expecting 30. We borrowed tables and chairs from my folks' church for the extra seating.
Surprisingly, it went great! My lovely neighbor was so kind and let us borrow her oven to help with the cooking(a necessity I assure you). I cooked a whopper of a bird, 27lbs! And a 7lb. turkey breast too. And with 33 people, it was just enough for a good dinner and a few doggy bags.
Everything we very smoothly and I would be open to doing it again. It was really nice to have everyone together and I know I did not take enough pictures.

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  1. glad to hear it went well! :0) I'd probably freak out! That's a crazy amount to cook for. Good Job Kor!