Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parenting Success

One of our goals as parents is to help our children along the road to being independent people.  So I wonder if this counts.  While I was cleaning up the kitchen the other day, Adalyn crawled in, opened the pantry door, pulled down the box of Crispix, dumped a snack sized amount out, and ate it.  She also made a big pile of crumbs which then trailed after her as she crawled away.

And just so you don't think I'm an awful Mom who does not feed her children, I will say that I did put some in a bowl for her, which she promptly dumped and crushed along with the other bits.  You may at some point wonder why I would let her do this, obviously she was in full view since I took pictures.  And in my defense I would say that there is a trade off for all things.  If I wanted the dishes done, I needed to have her distracted and she seemed pretty happy in her own messy Crispix world.  So the dishes got washed and shortly after that, the floors were vacuumed.

She's a fun girl, and so independent : /  Oh well, if anyone in the house appreciated this new skill it was Possum, who got to clean up her mess.


  1. oh my, this is a fab post. that picture of possum at the end with crispix on his nose just about does me in!

    megan once let one of hers chuck a grapefruit around the kitchen for endless hours until the middle was a smushy mess because it made him happy. i say a little independence is worth its weight in crispix. :-)

  2. Is this what I have to look forward tooooooo???? What fun adventures we have as mothers!!!!