Saturday, April 17, 2010

Party Hardy

So the big festivities this week were centered around Wayne turning 40. At work they got him an absolutely delicious cake.

And at home we had a big party, our biggest party ever, in fact.   40 people in our house made quite a crowd!  It was not a surprise party, as I could not possibly come up with a legitimate excuse for getting the house ready, nor would I have been able to do it by myself considering we had stuffy, sick kids throughout the week.

He received many wonderful gifts.  Some useful(Thank you Hilton Spindlers for the Prune Juice, Reader glasses, arthritis medicine, muscle rub...)  along with a few gift cards for fun things.

And some closer to home, cute as a button presents like these two little flowers picked with such love for their Daddy.  And little flags and cards, made by hand.  (I love little 5 yr. old stick people, don't you?)  The one on the card is leaping, as we were informed by Willa.

There was yummy cake, home made of course.  The recipe I used was from the dear lady who runs Smitten Kitchen.  Wonderful, wonderful recipes every time!

The big surprise of the night was a new TV that I bought for Wayne.  It had been on our wish list but nothing he had been expecting.  I can't believe I was able to keep mum about it!  But he loves surprises and he was completely surprised by this.  By noon this morning, it was set up and I think I may have lost him for a while.  We're trying to decide if we should hang it above our fireplace or not.
I was so glad to do it for him too.

It was a fabulous party and Wayne had such a wonderful time.  So many family and friends came.  We really had looked forward to it all week and it was so worth it.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make it and especially to my Mom and Sister-in-law(well almost) who did so much to help pull it off.  Many people brought food  but they far and away helped so much with food and I never would have had time to prep all of it.  My almost sister-in-law miraculously managed to avoid the camera the entire night!  An impressive feat considering that my Aunt, The Hilton Village Photographer, acted as my photographer, thank you A.M.! 

Needless to say we are all pretty slow today.  I think maybe we'll stretch out in front of a movie on our new TV this afternoon and maybe even catch a nap.


  1. Jer and I vote for yes above the fireplace. Ours is there and it looks good and we enjoy it on winter evenings!

    Love the prune juice!

    Happy Birthday Wayne.

  2. Believe it or not...I wasn't actually trying to avoid the camera. Just got lucky!! We had a great time! Enjoy the new TV, wherever it end up!

  3. what a fun party you throw...happy birthday Wayne

  4. you did such a fantastic job kor. it was a great party. wayne you are so good to put up with everyone harassing you. really wishing you a lovely year!