Monday, April 19, 2010

SO I was blog hopping yesterday and came across an idea for a post.  Take a picture every hour you are awake and post it.  It promised me I would view my day differently.  Feeling adventurous I decided to give it a try.  And so my day began with my necessary cup of coffee.  Makes me look forward to the morning already.
Then the children awoke, miraculously each in their own beds.  Then it's a race downstairs for breakfast.

My breakfast consisted of leftover party food, in this case mini-ruebens and toast that the babe did not want.  Tasty to me but I doubt any of your mouths are watering.

What was truly miraculous about today was that we were out the door before 9am.  A beautiful sunny Spring morning, I had decided that we should get Possum some exercise, so off to Turning Point Park we went.  A park not too far from here that is smallish but really neat. The kids refer to it as Turtle Park, for all the turtles we see there in the Summer.  We stumbled into a patch of Lily-of-the-Valley here and they are just shy of blooming but I bet when they do, the fragrance will be in the air!  This is my favorite vista from this walk.  Down below, the city built a boardwalk over the water and it's a lovely walk/ride and great for birding(not that I can distinguish too many different kinds).  There are a pair of nesting swans there too, though I could not see them from so far.

5 yr. old legs were starting to wane a bit by now so a rest was welcomed.  FYI-Ady is with us, she is riding on my chest with a front carrier and I've determined that she is now too heavy to travel thusly.  Funny story...nearly at the end I realized that I did not have Possums leash.  Like any dog owner I know, I let him off-leash if there are few people about and I'm reasonably sure I can vocally command him.  So we had to turn back only to find the fallen leash about 50 feet from the car.  Ady definitely cannot ride in a front carrier anymore!

Once home, it was time for laundry sorting, something the kids were not excited about doing but helped none-the-less.

And then, b/c Ady was still sleeping and the sun was starting to really work its way into a warming trend, I decided to vacuum the car out.  The Winter is tough on cars here since no one wants to be outside for too long b/c they might freeze.  The girls 'helped' me wash the floor mats.

Then a quick lunch(sorry no photo) and into the car to go take Papa(my Dad) to an appt.  Here's where the photos go blank for a bit.  For example, I did not have my camera handy in Target, while the older 2 were trying on bathing suits, Ady crawled underneath the door  to the changing room and was nearly to the full length mirrors before I caught her, twice.  Nor in Wegmans next, nor to the TV store after that to pick up a cable.  Then back to the Dr. to pick Papa up and drop him off.  Again, no photos, just use your imagination.

On to dinner, grilled chicken w/ roasted squash and asparagus and cous cous.  While prepping that, I realize that Ady has found the stash of dog bones and has taken one out to Possums bed and now I am trying to prevent her from actually eating the bone.  Ahhh, she's a fun girl.

After Dinner, it's on to the craziest week ever known as Splash Week.  The YMCA offers free swim classes all week.  But it is extremely popular and crowded and chaotic.  But I have a hard time passing up free so off we go.

After swim it's showers at home and bedtime.  Just in time to see Ady learn that she can climb up Denver's ladder a bit.(oh great).  And to hear Daddy read a bit from a Nancy Drew mystery book.
I end the night, completely exhausted and wishing I hadn't tried to do so much.  But, still, photographing the day has given me an appreciation for my efforts.  A reassurance that I am not just spinning my wheels.  Truth be told, this last photo only lasted about 20 minutes before I realized that the wash had to be changed over, and if I had any shot of posting this within the next 3 days, it was going to have to be tonight.  So try it if you want.  Photograph your day and let us know how you spent it!


  1. i keep meaning to try this. very interesting way to view things. not sure this is the week for it for me :-)

  2. Ooh, i want to know what the first commenter said that was so controversial you had to remove it?!

    Korana, you are officially part of the Ethiopian blogging inner circle because I KNOW where you got this idea from. ;)

    I haven't done it yet. Am afraid my day in the life pictures would make me look pretty darn pathetic. I need to pick an exciting day and jsut try it though.

  3. It wasn't much Amanda, almost didn't make sense. But I didn't know him and it seemed like a high probability that it was computer generated so I am just being cautious.

  4. (from Nancy Kurtz Termer) Korana this is great! I will have to do this some time soon to capture all the baby diapers I change in a day and see how many times I wish I had more than 2 arms...thanks for taking the time to capture all you did, you're right this was one crazy day for you!!!