Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Congratulations Mikeypoo!

My nephew graduated from High School last week.  The same nephew I took down to the beach at age 4.  And while at the beach, he roared like a dinosaur at people passing by.  I wish I had a picture of that.  But now he's graduated high school and I am left wondering where all the time went.

I got to make his graduation cake, as I've been experimenting with cake decorating lately.  (Ya' know, in my spare time).I was pretty happy with it, but of course, it didn't come out like I'd planned.  What's that they say about best laid plans?  But I got to try out some new fun things like pearl dust and an impression mat.  Fun, and I was happy to do it for him.

In the middle of typing this post I went on an all-out scavenger hunt for a particular photo of Mikeypoo with his siblings.  Thus making this post take 2 hours instead of the 15 minutes I had planned.  Ahh, what's vacation without distractions anyway?   I found the negative but lost my patients with the scanning process.  However, I found these gems from oh-so-long-ago.   They make me smile.  I am having so much fun I will have to force myself to stop otherwise I will not get anything done today!  (It is taking a monumental effort to stop BTW)

Michael, or Mikeypoo as we fondly call him, is an awesome young man now.  I think the thing about him that stands out to me is that he is kind.  OK, not necessarily to his 3 other siblings, but especially to small children, like mine.  He holds their hand, plays with them, carries the baby, moderates language usage around them, and is very good sort of person.  Plus, he's funny and fun.  I'm looking forward to our vacation at the end of this week where we've rented a beach house together as a whole family.  My happiest Congratulations to him and I wish him every ounce of health, happiness, and success for his future!

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  1. congrats to the nephew and GREAT CAKE DEAR!!! you rock!