Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, I did manage to pick my berries and get to some jamming.  Forecast be darned.  We usually go to Burch's Farms in Hilton, for you locals.  Very sweet berries and he told me that he needed to spray a fungicide just once, no pesticides, no fertilizers.  Yeahhh!  Not quite organic but it could be much worse.  Wayne helped me pluck 10 lbs. of ruby deliciousness.  That is a lot to process at one time but it's done.  And I'm not ruling out a second round(we eat A LOT of PB&Js around here).

Adalyn was more interested in the eating, than the picking.  I managed to get 4 batches done while she napped and 2 later that day after the girls had come home.  Getting the 2 batches done with 3 children felt like twice as much work as the 4 batches did.  Ahhh, parenthood
And look, a rare photo of the photographer!
The jam came out terrific.  All 22 jars!  But it will go fast as I tend to give it as gifts too.  So perhaps next weekend I could squeeze in just a few more batches.

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