Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Willa Graduates Pre-K

Willa attended the UPK in Greece this year.  She attended a Christian Preschool last year too but this years program was everyday(half days).  She also got to ride the bus and it was at the school that Denver attends as well.  We were extremely happy with the program.  I tried to volunteer a little and was delighted by the children.  Kids are so random at that age, willing to tell you stories about a squirrel they just saw, their dog that died, or whatever happens to pop in their heads.

What I admired about the teachers was their ability not to squash the individual.  I'm not sure I can explain it well, actually.  If you tell me to paint a giraffe, I will try very hard to make a painting that looks like a giraffe.  But in a classroom of small persons, the image of a giraffe is very subjective.  And I just loved all the encouragement, caring, and support I observed for all the "giraffes".  After all, my greatest desire out of a preschool for my child, is the that they leave with the feeling that school is fun and they want to go back.

Willa is very bright and is excited for Kindergarten.  I think if she could start in Kindergarten next week, she would.

For the graduation, the kids sang a few boisterous songs, got their diploma, ate snacks and spent a good deal of time playing on the stairs in the library.  Gran and Pop came and Adalyn behaved reasonably well.  However, she did not want to pose for a picture with the Graduate.

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