Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July at Jellystone

As if July was not fantastic enough, my ASIL(Almost Sister In Law) treated us girls to an extended weekend at Yogi Bear's Camp Jellystone Campground.  It's a super-fun campground geared for the 4th grade and under set.  My brother and ASIL own a tow behind camper that can sleep up to 8 so the 5 of us were quite comfortable.

The theme of the weekend was "Christmas in July" and we met up with some friends while there that made our time even more special.  We even set up a Christmas tree and other decorations too.  Some people even brought their wicker deer!  And much to the delight of all children present, Yogi-Santa stopped by and deposited stockings and other small gifts.

It was my first time in their camper, and I must say that it is luxury itself compared to a tent!  Air conditioning, heating, stove, potty, all within feet of your bed!   I could get used to this.

The campground also featured a water park, complete with water slides and water guns and just enough other spraying things to minimize how many pictures I could take due to errant spraying.

Adalyn loved the water park, where she could greet only the water on her own terms.  She hated the beach(still) and only tolerated the pool.

She was in heaven though, getting to sleep with me for all 5 nights.  However, the camper is not baby proof nor was it designed with curious toddlers in mind so much of the first few days involved trying to keep her away from touching inappropriate things.

The last night our companions set up a projector and put on Frosty for the kids to watch.  We even had use of a golf cart, which the kids got to try their hand at steering it.  The morning and evening boasted Hey, Hey, Hey Rides.  Where a energetic college student led the group in songs and loud yelling.

Unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative, raining a lot.  Not a light sprinkle either.  More like torrential downpours.  I was very grateful(for like the 100th time) that we were in a camper.  But it did leave me feeling strangely s'more-deprived since campfires were impossible some nights.

Also unfortunate was that each of my girls got sick.  They were never all sick together.  But Willa got a 24 hour high fever/barfy bug, Adalyn picked  up a low fever cold, and Denver got the high fever(no barf) version of Willa's sickies.  I can only hope we did not pass it on to our companions.  It made for a challenging weekend, though  I still would call it successful.  We came home extremely tired, which I think is the sign of a good time.

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  1. Seriously that sounds so fun!! Except for Willa barf. Everything else sounds amazing. And Ady's little swimsuit is too cute. Where did you get it? Oh and I've been meaning to ask, WHERE DID SHE GET CURLY RED hair from?????