Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where to Start First...

Here I thought life would settle down after volleyball.  It's been 5 days and I can't seem to catch my breath!

So where to start first...

Well, I will apologize since this will be short.  We have some really great things coming up but they require a lot of my time and I am really stealing time from them to do this.  But cool thing #1...

Willa got her Library Card!  This is a very exciting time for our Kelly Girls.  She's been asking but I made her wait until I felt she had really worked 'hard' at printing her name.  Poor thing though, as soon as we got home from the library she accidentally ripped a page clear out of a book she had borrowed.  The poor thing cried for 10 minutes!  But hopefully that will not be the memory that stays imprinted in her brain about the day she got her library card.

Cool thing #2...My new tree was planted this week.  A London Plane Tree, which has a cool camouflage look to its' bark.  Well, maybe it isn't SO cool, but it is to me.  Especially b/c it was 'free.'  well, I'm sure our town taxes paid for it but the Town of Greece DPW came and planted it for us after taking down the old Norway Maple that looked more like a modern piece of art than a tree.

And Cool thing #3...we had lovely weather last week.  Course, as I write this it's raining and has been for days(good for my tree though).  And Adalyn got a chance to play in the leaves.  That girls gets cuter every day I swear.

Now, onto prepping our basement to be filled with 22 people on Sunday then 36 people next Saturday.  Not an easy task, especially if you knew what it looked like right now.  Yikes, I think our junk cavorted when we weren't looking and has multiplied by 10!


  1. I knew it was over 30 but you've actually counted and it 36, wow where do they all come from?

  2. ok, middle pic of miss A? totally caught her personality there! love it!

    poor willa. but, again, the difference with your kids and mine. mine would NOT have cried, but proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes screaming about how it was somebody ELSE's fault that it happened!

    yay! you got a new tree. i do not know this tree, so i must go look it up now. if i don't catch you.... have a wonderful thanksgiving. xo