Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Canine Diversions

It seems life is going faster than I can keep up with.  The next 2 weeks don't seem to be slowing down any either.  But here is one of our current diversions...

Last Tuesday morning, Wayne was opening up work at 4:30am when he heard a clickity clack and turned to see a pitbull running toward him.  After determining it was a nice dog it proceeded to curl up in his lap and fall asleep.  He was rail thin with far too many bones showing.  A coworker took it temporarily, but her dog did not care for that so we took it on Thursday.

I don't want two dogs.  The poop to grass ratio gets a little off kilter and now that he is feeling better, he is starting to reveal his young age with some destructive chewing and eating inappropriate things.(Willa's sock, which he later horked up)  But he is one sweetie-pie of a dog.  Really affectionate and good with the kids and Possum.

Hopefully we will find a forever home for him, but if we can't I have a feeling he may join our household.


Here he is after a long day of partying on Father's Day.  Turn up the volume so you can hear him snore!

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  1. oh my goodness KORANA! he's so stinkin cute. that snoring is too much. i'm so glad he's being a sweetie pie with your family. so... what are you calling him? ;-)