Monday, June 13, 2011

Oakwood Rd, North 1st Annual Block Party

Consuming much of my active brain space this Spring was the planning for our 1st ever block party.  Wayne and I really wanted to do this last year but time got away from us.   So we started our planning in April, got our permit, barricades, and bounce houses and with a lot of help from our neighbors, we enjoyed the event Saturday.  The rain held off, sprinkling only occasionally and almost everyone who was home came out for the day to mingle, meet, and laugh.  A few area businesses made modest donations(thank you Wegmans for the gift card, Wise Guys Diner for the hot sauce, and Dunkin Donuts for the donut holes).

 We wanted to make a community of our little slice of Greece but people did not know each other.  Nothing to do but to have a big party!  Our local fire station sent over a fire truck and rescue truck and the Monroe County Sheriffs Department sent over 2 horses and officers.  The kids were able to climb in the firetruck and pet the horses.  While adults mingled and BBQed, the kids ran between 2 bounce houses and enjoyed the thrill of riding up and down the middle of the street.

Adalyn played till she just about fell over, enjoying every ounce she could squeeze out of the day.  She found a deep love of orange drink and sported an orange mustache for a good portion of the day.

The difference in the feel of our street is already tangible.  It is hopefully the start of a great tradition.


  1. i love this! so glad it was good... you guys are awesome!