Monday, February 16, 2009

Mobile Fun

So I have this mobile that you attach to a crib and it has black and white and red and all those primary colors which completely clash with the babys room. The thing is, even when I registered for it back with Denver, I never really cared for it. And I think I would get bored looking at it so I made my own. It isn't as cool as the Pottery Barn one with millions of butterflies but this is a little kinetic one and I had a good time making it and only wish I could find more practical uses for kinetic mobiles so I could make another one. The pink and brown are little paper stars I learned how to fold. I had wanted t do some origami cranes but my cranes came out looking anorexic so I thought it would be better to stick with stars. And because I couldn't resist a little sparkle, there are some Svwarski crystals in there too.

1 comment:

  1. oh, i love it babe! i want one in my bathroom upstairs. can you make sea creatures? ;-)

    hey... is it ok if i link to you on my blog, or do you not want to be "exposed" to strangers?