Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's in a Name?

I am moving ever closer to having this baby and we still have not settled on a name for her. Wayne, I think, would make this process simple if it were just up to him so the problem is really just me. The girls throw their 2 cents in every once and a while but we long ago told them that while they could offer suggestions, Mommy and Daddy actually got to choose. I'm not sure what my hang up is. I have 3 that I'm considering(until I find that other one I haven't found yet that could be just perfect!). So while I scour lists and lists of names, Wayne says, "We don't need any MORE names, just pick from the ones we have!" Everyone says that maybe I just need to see her. But I am scared to death that she will be "Baby Kelly" because it actually won't help and I still won't be able to decide. Maybe every day we're up at the hospital we can call her a different name until one sticks. This is very similar to the method we used to decide Possums name, and in the end, we couldn't decide on any and left his name Possum. So that method seems to have some flaws.

I hope I can settle this soon because truly I don't think I have long left. The contractions are getting stronger and I feel mentally done with the pregnant state. I finally packed a bag last week after I had a bunch of contractions and couldn't tell whether it was the real thing or not. Realizing how unprepared I was did kinda kick my butt in gear and most things are washed and ready to go. Wayne has me a bit paranoid this time around because I went so fast with Willa. He keeps saying he doesn't want to deliver this one. I remind him that the Barnard Fire Dept. is right around the corner and could walk here and get here in time. Plus, as long as the head comes out first, all he has to do is catch the baby. I'm doing the rest!

The best thing about labor is that your not pregnant at the end!

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  1. you COULD name her Baby you know.... "nobody puts baby in a corner!" ;-)

    can't wait to meet her no matter what she's called!