Monday, February 2, 2009

So in my attempt to try to enjoy winter, not just endure it, I bundled up the girls telling myself that 8 months pregnant was no excuse to not get them outside. We have a field across the street from us and off we ladies went with Possum to try and get him some exercise too. The girls loved climbing the snowbanks and Possum had plenty of room to run off-leash. However,we found out that the snow was actually quite deep and that Willa is still a little small in deep snow to be able to maneuver well in snow pants. So shortly after this lovely picture was taken, Willa realized she lost a glove and fell over while looking for it. After which started crying because the snow was too deep and she couldn't really move. Me being more from the tough love school of thought let her struggle for a bit before I realized that she really couldn't get herself up and by the time I got over to her I had fallen a few times in thigh high snow banks and the dog was now darting playful circles around Willa causing snow to fly on her face which made her cry harder. I scooped her up when I finally got there, now having snow down my boots and soaking through my jeans and she starts crying about her boot which is in Possums mouth like this has become some kind of new family game. At this point I am a giant contraction and wondering why I told Wayne I didn't need him to come along. We struggled out of the snow bank and managed the short walk, with both found mittens, back to the house. Maybe 8 months pregnant is an excuse.

Denver has really progressed in her reading skills!

Just kidding. The girls both love to snatch our books and "read" them though Willa says our books are silly because there are too many words and no pictures! I'll have to pass that along to Mr. Grisham.

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  1. love the pic of them "reading." even ellie likes to do this!