Saturday, August 22, 2009

Corbett's Glen

Denver's fabulous Kindergarten teacher from last year used to take all the kids on a Friday walk. A couple parents would come in and we would walk around the neighborhood and point out things that were interesting and so on. Over the summer she thought it would be fun to continue this tradition for Friday walks and meet a couple times at local parks and trails. Have I mentioned that she's fabulous? Considering this is her vacation, I think she is just outstanding and I wish our school looped so she could stay with Denver for a second year. Then she would be back to Kindergarten in time for Willa. I'm dreaming, our school does not loop but I hope this next year will be as good or even better for the girls as last.

Anyhow, we met at a small trail in Brighton called Corbett's Glen. What a gem of a place. Perfect for some small persons in need of cooling off. We had a blast, even if the skeeters were on the aggressive side. As were a couple bees that thought Wayne got too close to their nest. Underneath that waterfall there was a little shelf that the brave ones could climb on, so with a little convincing from Daddy, Denver made it.

There was a steep sandy hill that really challenged me since I had Ady in the front carrier. But we prevailed and everyone made it up the small mountain safely. Note to self: when photographing in or around water, be very careful not to bite it. I very nearly dunked my camera in the creek but managed to not get Ady or the camera too wet. We saw crayfish, and Denver even caught a little frog. Possum absolutely loved the place and was a tired, wet, stinky dog when we got home so he earned himself a nice bath.

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  1. oh this looks like a really cool place! thanks for sharing, i am tucking it away in my memory...

    need to see you guys :-)