Saturday, August 15, 2009


We'd been meaning to take the kids miniature golfing for a while but life always is busy. But with the Volleyball season looming, we are on a last minute push for fun family time before life gets crazy. So yesterday we dropped Ady off with Grandma and took Denver and Willa on a mini-golfing adventure. Hysterical. Denver being my stubborn child, did not want to hear how to hold the putter correctly and Willa at one point called the putter a bat. Watching the two of them and their version of golfing, which really ended up to be more like a moving guide for the ball on its' way to the hole, Wayne and I laughed and laughed. They each got at least one hole-in-one. It was very fun. And reminded me that fun times like these should not be postponed or only brought out for vacations.

Some holes were trickier than others and this one seemed to get the better of Willa. This is less than half the pictures I took from this hole.

For anyone keeping count Wayne and I tied. I was fairly proud of my game. I am not a patient person and golf seems to challenge my attention span. I made it solidly through our 18 holes. I didn't win but I didn't lose either. Oh, I think Wayne would like me to point out that he was golfing left-handed.

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